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Finally, a place for all your Wix issues and functionalities need. 

Wix team

Connecting Third-Party APIs

With an experience of more than 3 years, our team is an expert dealing with third party APIs. We analyse, study and then come up with the most efficient way to connect your third party APIs. 

Starting at only 200$

Huge Databases

You have a huge database, and it is difficult to manage it on wix? We are here to help you. With the perfect knowledge and creating a custom external database for you, we can help you easily manage it and make your content load faster on your site. 

Starting at only 200$

Input Forms

Custom Forms

Do not want to buy the Ascend plan as it is to costly? No worries, we are here to rescue. We can help you create custom forms, with email notifications, custom validations, dynamic upload buttons, and whatever you ask for. It is just one time cost and you would never have to pay again. 

Starting at only 100$

Advanced eCommerce

Having trouble with setting up your store for your exact customer needs? With our expertise in creating advances online store for you, we can help you curate a perfect store with all the features you need to maximise your sales. 

Starting at only 300$

Advanced eCommerce
Small Tasks

Small Tasks

Wether you want to connect a domain or install an app, or have some minor tweaks here and there? Our team is the most affordable and quicker way to get these things done. 

Starting at only 50$

Coding Guidance

If you need help with anything regarding coding we will be happy to help you anytime with the best developers.

Starting at only 50$

Coding Guidance

There Is Something for Everyone

Feel free to reach out to us, and get on a call to answer any of your doubts. In our knowledge, this is the most productive 30 minutes, anyone spends on their website.