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Wix Freaks

What Happens Next?

After filling out the form (or purchasing a plan directly in the future), what are the next steps?

Step 01

Add Us as Collaborators

Add us as "co-owners" to your Wix website so we can assign the appropriate plan to your site. Our wix email is If you have trouble adding us, see this helpful video.

Step 02

Receive an Invoice

You will receive an invoice from us for the plan you selected. Once the invoice is paid, we move to the next step.

Step 03

Assign the Plan

We assign the plan to your website and make sure everything is working perfectly.

Step 04

Site Optimization

While we assign the plan, we also optimize your site and make any necessary changes.

Step 05

Sit Back and Relax

We will be your direct point of contact for anything related to your website that you need help with. You can contact us anytime, and our response time is very short.


We just received your interest in our plan and we're over the moon! 

Still have Questions and Doubts?

Feel free to reach out to us and we will clear your doubts.

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