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The client gave us a brief to create a engaging website to promote their Off-Pitch facility. The website should portray the benefits and facilities available along with clear navigation instructions of how to book and what sports it covers. The website should look exciting and specifically cater to target audience.



A club for alternative football

Off pitch was an exciting project as it was challenging for us to work in the sports domain. It also gave us an opportunity to create a social impact on the society promoting sports and other physical activities. Off-Pitch Arena is a facility in Norway which hosted open and free training sessions, and one can book the place to play various sports activities. It is also a place where young individuals can come and participate in sports activities under the guidance of instructors, including the #avbanen athletes. We were particularly interested in the company as reached out to those who drop out of organized football and offer them an alternative arena for mastery, as well as demonstrate how little is needed to find joy in self-organized activity.

The visual look of the design was edgy, sporty,energetic and youthful to appeal to its target audience, which primarily consists of youth and young adults. We used vibrant colors, dynamic typography, and engaging graphics to help create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.We used images of young athletes engaged in various self-organized sports activities like freestyle football, street soccer, and other recreational games to portray a clear picture of what Off-Pitch was about. 


Uniqueness of Off-Pitch

Off-Pitch is something special because unlike typical sports program, it's about giving young folks who might have felt left out of regular sports a chance to shine.By creating an inclusive environment, the initiative welcomes young individuals who may have disengaged from traditional sports, catering to diverse interests and skill levels. With a keen focus on empowering youth, Off-Pitch places a strong emphasis on discovering joy and fulfillment in self-driven athletic pursuits. Collaborating with Norwegian football clubs and organizations amplifies its impact, uniting stakeholders in a collective effort to promote self-organized sports.

How did we help?

A well-designed website created by us ensured that Off-Pitch is easily discoverable and accessible to individuals interested in self-organised sports. Moreover the transparency of pricing, and the services offered by the facility presented in a user - friendly manner would engage in more audience and hence help in growth of business. We also made a sure that the platform’s unique identity is portrayed on its website which differentiates it from other sports facilities cutting competition the market. More over, clear information about training schedules, activities, and the benefits of organised sports will educate visitors and encourage them to take part.


Roughly between the age group of teens to 30s.

Sportsperson, athletes, Casual sports enthusiasts, Drop out from organized sports, independent and non-traditional football players, Self-conscious and Physically fit, Other professionals who has sports as hobby.

Healthy lifestyle
Sporty attitude
Young and outgoing

  • Interested in exploring self-organized sports activities that allow them to engage at their own pace and style.

  • Have an interest in improving their sports skills and techniques in a relaxed and supportive environment.

  • Curious about alternative sports experiences beyond traditional leagues and games.

  • Looking for sports activities that offer flexibility in terms of schedules, commitment levels, and structure.

  • Motivated by the joy and fun that sports activities can bring, rather than the pressures of competitive leagues.

  • Interested in community-oriented activities that provide opportunities for social interaction and networking.

  • Interested in maintaining physical fitness, health, and well-being

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