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Creating a Custom Product Search in Wix

Updated: Jun 25

Custom Product Search

In today's digital world, an efficient, well-structured search function is crucial for any e-commerce website. It plays a significant role in helping your visitors find what they are looking for, thereby increasing conversions and improving the overall user experience. If you own a Wix site, creating a custom product search may seem daunting. However, with the right tools and guidance, it's a straightforward process. This blog post will walk you through the steps to create a custom product search in Wix.

Understanding Wix's Built-in Search

Before going into creating a custom search, it's important to understand Wix's built-in search function. Wix provides a basic search bar that you can add to your site. While it isn't very customizable, it does an adequate job for simple sites with fewer products or pages. But when you want to create a more advanced, personalized search experience for your users, you need to create a custom search.

Using Velo by Wix for a Custom Product Search

Velo by Wix is a full-stack development platform that you can use to create a custom search function. By using Velo, you can code your search function to search specific collections, filter results based on certain criteria, and customize how the results are displayed.

Additionally, we have implemented a fuzzy search feature using Velo. Fuzzy search allows for flexibility in the search input, making it more user-friendly. It works by finding matches that are approximately equal to the input string, rather than requiring an exact match. This can be especially helpful when a user isn't sure of the exact name or spelling of a product.

We've also created a custom expandable box that displays product results directly in the search box. This feature provides users with immediate access to potential matches, enhancing the search experience and allowing users to navigate to their desired product more quickly and efficiently. All these features were developed using the powerful capabilities of Velo by Wix.

To use Velo, go to your site's dashboard, click on 'Dev Mode', and then 'Turn on Dev Mode'. From here, you can start coding your custom search.

Implementing the Custom Search

To implement the custom search, you would first need to create a new database collection where you can store your product information. Then, you need to connect your search bar to this database so that it can pull relevant results. You can use Velo's APIs and JavaScript to write the code for this connection and to filter the results. Remember to thoroughly test your search function to ensure it works as intended.

Creating a custom product search for your Wix site can significantly improve your site's usability and your customers' experience. It may require some basic knowledge of coding, but the benefits it brings to your site are well worth the effort. By using Velo by Wix, you can customize your search function to fit your site's specific needs and provide a more personalized experience for your visitors. So why wait? Start creating your custom product search today!

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