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Wix Speed Hacks: Essential Tips for a Faster Page Load Time!

Updated: May 10

Wix stands out as a no-code leader with unmatched design flexibility and customizability. Their extensive feature set empowers creation and development, while Velo unlocks limitless possibilities for bespoke solutions.

Wix Site Performance and How to Optimize for Faster Page Load Time It

Wix websites are known for their stunning designs, but sometimes speed can take a backseat. Don't worry, that's where we, Wix Freaks, come in! We get tons of questions about optimizing Wix sites for maximum performance. Today, we're sharing some helpful tips to turn your website into a winner!

1. Wix Freaks Speed Hack: Shrinking Your Content!

Ever feel like your Wix site takes forever to load? It might be those bulky images and videos! Wix works its magic behind the scenes, but your site page loading speed can slow down if your media files are huge.

The good news? You can make them smaller without hurting the quality and have a faster page load time!

Here's the Wix Freaks tip:

  • Images: Use SVGs for your website graphics. They're tiny but mighty, keeping your site speedy without sacrificing quality.

  • Videos: Keep those video file sizes in check!

Remember, smaller media files mean a lightning-fast website for your happy visitors!

This image shows how an SVG can have a high quality and low size which helps in faster page load time

2. Tone Down the Fancy Moves for Faster Page Load Time

Those cool animations on your Wix site might look awesome, but they can also slow things down. Here's how to keep your site speedy:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Make sure your animations are quick and to the point. Nobody wants to wait forever for something to wiggle!

  • Use them wisely: Don't go animation crazy! Use them only when they add real value and complement your design.

  • Think big picture: If possible, group elements together or animate entire sections instead of individual items. This can make your site feel smoother and faster.

3. Lazy Load Your Data!

Got tons of info on your Wix site, but not all of it needs to show up right away? Here's a Wix Freaks tip to speed things up:

If some info isn't crucial for the first glance, you can set it to load later in the background. This way, your visitors see the main content faster, keeping them happy!

Additional Performance Optimization Tips:

  • Enable cache on Wix for repeat visitors to experience lightning-fast loading times.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with tons of data in your content manager? You can use Velo in the background to bring that data in faster. Think of it like a secret shortcut to get your site loaded up before visitors even see it!

  • Have filters on your Wix site that people use a lot? Indexing can help those filters work super fast, keeping your visitors happy!

  • Want to take your Wix site to the next level of speed? Wix just launched new premium plans with supercharged servers! Think of it as giving your website a high-performance engine for a smooth and lightning-fast experience.


Wix is great for building websites – from dazzling one-pagers to feature-packed powerhouses! But sometimes, all those cool features can slow things down. The good news? We Wix Freaks have got your back! With a few tweaks, we can make your Wix site fly!

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